Bogotá, Colombia, 1987. Poet, multi-media artist, translator and speaker. Director of Red Door Magazine and Red Door Gallery, Copenhagen. 
Recipient of the National Poetry Award “Best book of poetry of the year” by the Colombian Book Chamber. Winner of the Spirits in the Words poetry contest by Daimler Chrysler. Previously, Poet in Residence at Kean University where she studied Media & Film. Author of 20 published works, and currently working on two new poetry selections “To enter and exit through the memory of the living” and “Bodies of Water”

Her most recent book, “ATEMPORAL”, a bilingual selection of poetry, (Spanish-English) was published in NY in 2015 and has been presented in the US and in Denmark.

Her book “Anatomía de la Arcilla Incoherente” was published in 2010 in NY.